Falling In Love

The first Bible Study I ever did was Revelation by Beth Moore. Yup, I started with the hardest book in the Bible. The one with the dragons and crowns. The – seemingly – doom and gloom book where heaven and hell collide. But I didn’t learn a thing about Revelation and I sure didn’t take away doom and gloom. I saw a man on a white horse who was going to rescue me. I fell in love with Jesus.

You might wonder how you could fall in love with a man in a book who lived 2000 years ago. I still wonder that myself. I had a tough time even saying the name Jesus, let alone believe in Him. But love Him? Now that is unbelievable. But this is where my journey lightstock_150150_small_user_4272779begins, learning who this person Jesus is, what He says about me, what he came for, and how that transforms me.

So what did Jesus live on Earth to do? I believe Isaiah 61 tells us the purpose of Jesus’ life:

  • He binds up broken hearts
  • He sets captives free
  • He releases prisoners from darkness
  • He comforts those who mourn
  • He crowns us with beauty in exchange for our ashes
  • He anoints us with the oil of joy instead of mourning
  • He gives us a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair
  • He makes us mighty oaks for the display of His splendor
  • He restores the places long devastated
  • He makes us ministers of our God
  • He gives us the riches of nations and we boast in their riches
  • Instead of shame He gives us a double portion (life more abundantly – freedom)
  • Instead of disgrace he teaches us to rejoice in our inheritance (we are sons and daughters of the King)
  • He gives us everlasting joy
  • He clothes us with garments of salvation
  • He arrays (dresses) us with a robe of His righteousness (we become Godly)

For me, this was the Good News. Jesus came so that my life could be transformed. All the bad stuff could be turned around and made good. Before Jesus, every religious experience in my life involved earning love by doing what religion asked me to do. When my eyes started to open, I saw Jesus as a savior. I received what He did as my release to know and love Him in return. I saw Jesus as a man, fully alive and accessible; not a dead man on a cross. I saw that what He came for applied to every life, every mess, and every good deed. I saw the very goodness of a God that knows what being human is like because he came to Earth as a man and experienced what we experience.

Jason Gray is one of my favorite Christian music artists. He wrote a song called “More Like Falling In Love.” The chorus says:

It’s gotta be
More like falling in love
Than something to believe in
More like losing my heart
Than giving my allegiance

At the end of the song it says: “Falling in love with Jesus brought the change in me.” At 36 years old, I gave my life to Jesus. I was baptized in water on May 9, 2010; Mothers Day. That day I was made new.