Running to God

In your deepest darkest spaces, would you be brave enough to say, “hey God, I did this and would you change me so I don’t do it again?” Would you be bold enough to declare God’s goodness to you in spite of yourself? David was, over and over in the Psalms. He is our example of vulnerability with abandon. 

I have been learning a lot about intimacy lately. I think King David is an amazing example of intimacy with God. He poured out his whole self before the Lord. His whole life was dedicated to God. This is why he is called the man after God’s own heart. 

Two weeks ago I saw a documentary called Heart of a Man. It was amazing. I learned a lot. I came out of it wanting to hold nothing back anymore. The consequences of withholding are too great. The consequences of shame hurt so many people. Intimacy is a requirement for a free life. When we fail to be fully known, shame moves in and takes takes it’s toll. 

I love Psalm 51 because this is David RUNNING to God. Confessing and receiving forgiveness. He knew God’s goodness, he didn’t want to hide, he wanted redemption. He was desperate to be changed. Don’t be afraid of this place, this is where God can truly do His handiwork.