The Guard Over Your Heart

So, have you thought of a plan to guard your heart? If you have or you haven’t, it’s okay. Sometime we have to mull things over a bit before we decide we need to act. Today’s scripture might give you some forward motion. 
Guarding your heart might not be your job completely. When Paul wrote this, he used a word with military meaning. That sounds a bit awkward, I am not always poetic or grammatically correct. 😊The word guard means someone is standing guard, watching over it, protecting from invasion. 

The end of the scripture says, in Christ Jesus. Could Jesus be charged with guarding our heart. I didn’t study it all the way through. It is worth consideration! If we have a helper and a protector in Jesus, then I think this is plausible. 

We aren’t left alone to figure life out. We have an example in Jesus. His name has a lot of meaning. By the Holy Spirit living in us, we have help in guarding our heart. We are being watched over and protected.