Changing the Way You Think

Have you ever thought that some of the things you say to yourself in your mind sound pretty awful? I remember when I was new in Christ, God showed me through a book called A Woman After God’s Own Heart that my inner dialog was a mess. See, I used to be super negative. Something or someone was always against me. No one had my best interest in mind but me. I was one of those people who believed no one was trustworthy. 

How do you experience people who are negative, cynical, and untrusting? It might be okay if it includes some comedy but after a while it makes you want to stay away from them. Being around positive and encouraging people builds us up and we want to be around them. So, if Christians are supposed to be ministering to the world to display the love of Christ, which attitude would you think bears fruit for God?

If we transfer a negative belief system and lack of trust onto God, faith can remain distant and cold. The truth is that God wants to renew our minds to think the way he does. This is for our good and produces a fruitful life.