Trust in the Lord

​Do you trust God? I think trusting God has a lot to do with renewing your mind. I found out the hard way that lasting life change can only come from God. 

In order to receive the change God has for you, you have to trust Him. Christians hear all of the time that God is faithful, God is in control, God keeps all His promises. When you are new in Christ, those statements can seem underwhelming. God hasn’t had the opportunity to show up yet. 

As a relatively new Christian, community has been important in showing me the truth of trusting God. That He is faithful. The stories I have heard from long time Christians who have endured tremendous trials and have remained faithful, with answered prayer or not, prove to me a faithful God. 

Testimony is huge for newbies like me. I want to know why your faith endures. I love hearing where God showed up. I want to know your Jesus story. It builds my faith! It builds the faith of anyone who hears. Testimonies show that we can trust the Lord and be okay if we don’t understand.