I am starting to understand something about Christmas. There is an element of anticipation. It’s about the build up to THE DAY!  The day we celebrate the birth of a newborn king. 

The Prophet Isaiah foretold Jesus’ birth. This prophecy created anticipation of the coming Messiah. God designed this season  to be one of anticipation because he foretold our Savior from Genesis to Malachi. The birth of the Messiah was truly something to anticipate and celebrate.

I remember celebrating Christmas because it’s just what you do. There was no meaning attached to it except for the family traditions and gifts. For some, that’s enough. As an adult it left me depressed and cynical. It all seemed overrated and underwhelming.

Now that I understand Jesus is the reason for the season, I anticipate. I get the symbolism, I understand the songs, and I experience all the words and wonder of Christmas. Keeping my eyes on the reason creates the season. Love came down on Christmas Day. Real love came to earth to live among mankind.