I woke up with this song in my head, Baby Boy by for King & Country. As I read the lyrics, I found something beautiful. The simplicity of Jesus’ birth and why it will be celebrated eternally. In a time of hustle and bustle, the truth of our celebration is grounded by a humble beginning. 

Our Savior, this baby boy was born in a barn and laid in a manger. A King was born who would never wear a crown on earth. As we decorate and desire things of beauty, design to attract and lure, I wonder what would happen if we put that stuff aside. Can we believe that a simple manger was good enough for God with us? Could understanding Jesus’ humble beginnings stave off the holiday anxiety and stress? Would this help us lay aside all of the striving to create something temporary and replace it with something permanent? Jesus came to give us abundant life, eternal life. Christmas should be a time where we experience the reality of what the birth of Jesus really means. 

As the trumpets sound in heaven, as we begin to anticipate, remember that Jesus’ birth was simple and understated. The meaning behind his life was powerful and exciting. It is everlasting. His birth meant something and yet His birth was quiet and hidden. Be excited! Celebrate! But use it to create something that lasts because the ultimate reason to celebrate is that this baby boy came to give us eternal life.