I’m Made New is a compilation of experiential Christian writings by Megan Silberhorn. After a series of losses in her life, Megan ventured into a local church. Six years ago, she gave her life to the Lord. Life has never been the same. The past six years have been an amazing journey of new experiences, lessons learned, and new purposes revealed. All through a life changed by Jesus Christ. Megan enjoys sharing stories that show how Jesus transforms our lives through our experiences, good or bad. Megan is a wife and mother of 2 living in Windsor, Colorado, USA.

The goal of I’m Made New is to provide a place of encouragement for people new to faith in Christ. I’m Made New makes an effort to illustrate through personal stories that any struggle can result in hope and healing through perseverance in God and His promises. Blog content is complemented by a Scripture Picture ministry on Instagram @immadenew. All picture content is purchased through Lightstock where faith focused photos, vectors, and footage can be found.

Thank you for reading I’m Made New. I hope that you are spurred on into a life of peace and joy in the Lord.

To Contact please email: immadenew@gmail.com

I am a member of COMPEL Training


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