For the Good

Have you ever been afraid to step out in faith? Are you concerned you will fail? I know those feelings all to well. Romans 8:28 is our assurance that even if things don’t go as planned, He will work it out for our good. 

We can have confidence in our God with regard to this promise. Why? Because God is deeply concerned about us, about our well being. Our God is a good Dad, He really does care about our lives! 

We are called to live our life by faith. Our faith pleases God. He wants us to be assured that when He gives us something to do, we do it with the confidence that if it didn’t go well, He will love us the same and use it for His glory. 

Romans 8:28 falls under the security portion of who we are in Christ. Knowing God works all things together for our good gives us the confidence to step out in faith to fulfill our purpose and His plan for our lives.

Be faithful and bold knowing God is on your side. 


Child of God

Our final destination on Romans Road. You’re now a child of God! Romans 8 is the declaration of our adoption as sons and daughters! You are a son or daughter of the most High God. We are in God’s forever family. 

Because we are sons (or daughters) we are heirs. What do we inherit? The blessings and the sufferings of Jesus. Paul says that our blessings will outweigh our sufferings. This is truth friends, we will suffer as Christ suffered. But the glory in blessing will be greater!

A song of declaration I love is “No Longer Slaves” by Bethel Music. It is the summary of Romans 8 in song. Sing it loud, sing it proud. 


United with Christ

I don’t know about you but Romans 7 is a tough one. Writing about it seems way above my pay grade.🤷🏼I wanted to pick out the verse that summed up the chapter. I bet if you picked up your Bible and read the whole thing, this seems to be the lesser point. But I submit to you, it is the major point. We are united with Christ. 👑


Instead of doing life by the law, we now do life in the Spirit. It is the Spirit inside of us that gives us life and the ability to serve in love. 


Sure, there is a lot about our flesh in there. While it may seem like the point is about us fighting our sin nature, the greater message is if we are following the law, we are still in our flesh. Good fruit is only produced in the Spirit. 


Spirit of the Living God by Meredith Andrews may not be a song about baptism but it asks the Spirit to have his way in us. “Cause when you speak, when you move, when you do what only you can do, It changes us, it changes What we see and what we seek” The Spirit changes us, what we see and seek so that we serve in Jesus name with His heart. 

Check it out! 


Photo Props: Scotty James Kunkle via Lightstock. 

Nothing Can Separate You

Have you ever heard that God’s love is infinite? Romans 8:38-39 is the scripture that reveals this truth. Nothing can separate you from the love of God in Christ. I believe that this love offers us a security to choose the good life. God’s love destroys the grip of sin. (Song lyric reference to Bethel Music, “There’s no other Name”.)

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Scripture Picture 8/15/17

Keep on believing! Keep your confidence in a God that keeps all of His promises. The peace that the Holy Spirit gives us is in us always, it is up to us to access it and give it away. While disappointment in humanity pervades, we have the peace that the world wants. Be bold and give it away freely. Let all the world come to know peace and a God who saves.

Photo props: Neely Wang via Lightstock 

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