Stewarding the Heart

You know that old saying “don’t take it to heart”? I bet it came from Proverbs. In our hearts, we store life. In there you can find all kinds of stuff. The good, the bad, and the in between. Because life lives there, we have to protect it. 

Do you have a plan for protecting your heart? I saw Havilah Cunnington speak at a conference a couple weeks ago. She didn’t use this particular scripture but I think her idea of a plan is applicable in this case. How do you handle it when you get hurt or offended? Taking things to heart can put us in a tough place. 

With so many things trying to get our attention, stewarding our hearts is so important. For me, I have had to determine and prioritize the things that hold my attention, that have access to my heart. My kids, my husband, my neighbors, my small group. Of course God. Does the weather matter, does politics matter? If I allow the things that don’t really have an importance in my immediate circumstances to take precedence over what I consider a priority, my heart can get hard to those things that I care for most. The news becomes louder than my family! My attention turns from relationship and love to offense and hatred. 

The heart is the well spring of life. Instead of allowing death to come in through things you can’t control, let love come through it into the things that matter, the people around you.